with Sharyn Coleman + Dr Claire Maguire

An oasis of serenity awaits 

Expertly curated wellbeing events for you to bring focus and attention to your everyday way of taking care of you; to create harmony, purpose and a sense of ease with who you are right now.

STEP INTO the NExt (and best) version of you



Let me ask you... are you?

  • A seeker of how to live an authentic life?

  • Wanting to understand who you are in this moment?

  • Ready to let go of outdated behaviours which don't serve you?

  • Curious about what life has to offer you?

  • In a transitionary period of your life and looking for what next

  • Needing to prioritise your wellbeing and show up for yourself?

  • A lover of self mastery, alternative modalities and things which are a little woo-woo yet grounded in practicality and understanding? 

If you identified with any of the above, then we want to invite you to join a beautiful online space:


curious (adjective): eager to learn, to know; unusual and interesting

Where do you place your focus?

Where you place your focus is largely where you spend your time. Have a think about what you focus on... your home, family, work, friends, partner, what others think of you, social media, socialising, what you dislike about yourself, what you want more of, what you want less of, daydreaming, fantasising, wishing things were a little different... but

When did you last focus on YOU? 

Not the "How do I look?" you, not the "How do I feel?" you not the "How do I show up for everyone else?" you...but

The YOU inside, the untainted untamed, unconditioned you that was there, within you when you took your first breath?

Getting curious about meeting that you, is at the heart of The Curious Club.

  • When you meet that you, there is a joy to life, whatever the circumstances.

  • When you meet that you, there is a potential for amazing experiences, wherever you look.

  • When you meet that you, there is a sense of peace, whatever you have gone through.

The Curious Club is an online place which celebrates self-awareness, self-compassion and the space we needto spend time with ourselves without any added burden to your day to day living. 

It is a place for you to unashamedly put your focus on your self-care AND to get curious as to who you are and what you need.

We believe Self-Care is a necessity NOT a luxury

We are multi-faceted creatures, we have

  • a physical body which benefits from movement and good food,

  • a mental body that benefits from quiet time and space to focus and learn,

  • an emotional body that needs to experience freedom and flow, 

  • an eternal spiritual self patiently waiting to met and for the opportunity to be expressed.

Becoming the next (and best) version of YOU

One of our favourite things about humans is we are always becoming the next version of ourselves, often whether we are noticing or not, evolution is inherent in our nature, and we love that but what would your life be like if you consciously evolved? 

  • What will happen when your focus turns into making time for you?

  • What will happen when you commit to wildly living your best life?

To be really clear (can you tell this is important to us?) we are not here to make taking care of yourself another job to do each day - you've had more than enough of that kind of pressure with the 'daily this' and 'daily that' reminders showing you that you that you are not yet living the life you dream of.

Instead, we're here to support your evolution into the next (and best) version of you by gently becoming curious about your health, your happiness and living you best life.

We know YOU know what to do, YOU know what to do, the question is DO YOU DO IT? 

Our curated programme of events encompass your wellbeing


are simple, gentle and practical

What are you curious about?

We're Curious About

LIFE... We're curious about the kaleidoscope of possibility that life has to offer our potential.

HEALTH... We're curious about simple and easy ways to keep an eye on our health.

WELLBEING... We're curious about the impact consistent self-care has on our happiness.

TRIBE... We're curious as to how being together in community can impact our sense of self.

YOU... We're curious as to what occurs when you take time to celebrate and be celebrated. 

We're curious to see if consistent little actions which honour you, really do make a big difference. 

We think those litte actions, create beneficial habits which over time make the difference to the way you think, feel and see yourself. 

How often do you show up for you? Daily? weekly? monthly?

For when you show up for yourself, when you make the decision to commit time in your schedule to take a few simple actions consistently and place your focus on the curated monthly theme within The Curious club, so your energy will follow your focus...just by showing up you can feel a difference in yourself, as you naturally notice things in your day to day life which impact and support our theme.

Why don't you put our theory to the test?

The Curious Club is a mix of practical self-care, coaching, personal development, and a self-love fest!



We know that we feel better when breathe, when we meditate, when we reflect, when we stretch our body... however we also know we have so many other things we could be doing so... we have pulled them all together in one handy 'date with myself' schedule.

All curated for you so you don't have to waste time looking for suitable videos or classes. 

We start each month with a theme for you to focus upon, a theme and an objective for the outcome we will work on throughout our time together.  Implementing small changes to reimagine what's possible, to create who you wish to be and to celebrate along the way.  

Over the course of our time together, within The Curious Club, we strive to find ways to feel better in any given moment, for you to define your results and if you do a little bit of what you are attracted to in The Curious Club then just maybe you will enjoy the transition to the next version of you as you discover who that is with a sense of purpose, serenity and fun.




A buffet of goodies - a little 'pick and mix'of wonder to improve your day

We like choice and we like variety, and it shows in all the different ways we can support you.

Claire is passionate about all the senses, how you feel about yourself, and how you can support your nervous system to naturally take care of you.

Sharyn is passionate about understanding, knowing the nature of who you are from the inside as you choose things you love and naturally energise you.

Keeping it simple + banishing overwhelm

Dip in a little or dip in a lot, the choice is yours.

Everything is offered LIVE via Zoom for those who appreciate the structure and opportunity to meet with others + we're practicing what we preach, we hope as we show up then you'll show up.

If you can't make the date or time, everything is recorded and our library is growing each week so dip in whenever it suits your schedule.

Your oasis - your way.

The power of one

  • 1 x monthly Wellbeing Workshop:  a different topic each month. We dive deep into a theme and with powerful ideas and questions you get a greater understanding of yourself and your needs and how to apply learnt knowledge into your everyday.

    Previous Topics: The Why of Change; Romanticising your Life; Exquisite Self Care & the Inner Critic; The Path of Shame; Confidence & Courage; De-Clutter Your Wellbeing; Our Relationship to Food, Mood, Energy, Digestion and the Gut Microbiome.
    Upcoming Topics: Emotional Coherence; Being More Visible and Playful in the World; More Bliss?...It's in the Details... and more.

  • 1 x weekly Kundalini Yoga session: (mainly an inclusive form of kundalini) - this is accessible for all abilities and can be modified to meet your needs. There is something magical in this form of yoga, which connects you to the energy within you and allows you to feel more bliss, joy and expansion.

  • 1 X weekly Take a Break Meditation: a short practice to become more present to your body, your mind and your surroundings. 

  • 1 x weekly Be with the Breath Sequence: a time to explore possibilities with the breath, to feel different and to understand the power of our breath to health.

  • 1 x monthly Astrology Gathering: each month at the change of the sun sign, we meet 'around the fire' and talk astrology, learning about the sign and the planet which rules the sign; the vibration and frequency of them and how we might see them in nature. There is the opportunity to share how they show up in our personal chart and in listening, sharing and relating to ourselves and each other, we will deepen our connection to our soul, to each other and to the cosmos.

  • 1 x monthly Curious Community Cocktail Hour: an opportunity to discuss what is current in our lives, to be supported as you expand into being and living your expanded true self, allowing you to become more of you. 

  • ... and bi-weekly Conscious Breathwork Transformational Journeys: a powerful therapeutic tool which can open doorways to profound healing and clarity of mind. A safe way to work through layers of our past and to move forward with integrity. 

"I was reading about the Japanese art of Kintsugi - when a piece of pottery gets shattered, then glued back together with lacquer infused with gold or silver, so that the repaired/healed vessel becomes even stronger and more beautiful than it was before being broken. There are so many ways of being broken in life. The Curious Club, self love, self care, self compassion have been a Kintsugi opportunity - a bit like a repair kit making me stronger and more beautiful."  Laura



We have our own little oasis in tech-land for you to play in. There's a monthly calendar of events. The library of precious classes and the on-line curious community. Take a sneak peak to view what we do.

We were so excited to share The CURIOUS CLUB with you we didn't say hello...

Hi, I'm Claire and curiosity is one of my personal values, it drives me to explore possibilities, techniques, adventures and to find modalities for how to feel better & healthier. 

Pleasure is another of my personal values and that drives me to find ways to enjoy the beauty of life, to become present to the moment and adopt wellbeing practices which make me feel good & happy. 

Combining those 2 values is at the core of my vision of The Curious Club. 

I am by no means a finished artefact, a guru, a polished, idealised version of a person... I am real, with real issues, challenges and right now staring menopause, empty nest and ageing in the face :)... so I am always learning. I have also overcome many challenges... I used to joke the world threw me many obstacles... cancer, bereavement, divorce, an ill child, toxic relationships, loneliness, (the list goes on)...  to make me relatable to others going through similar stuff! 

But... the reality is many of us face challenges and they can truly throw difficulties at us when all we wish for is to transition to the next stage of life with grace, ease and joy.

However... what if?

We paused for a moment and gave ourselves the joy of being curious to finding ways to step into the next and best version of ourselves.

Curious about doing things a little differently.

Hi, I'm Sharyn...

can you write in the first person similar to above? with a couple of your values in relation to the curious club

I also need a better resolution picture 

“The self care and self love wellbeing sessions with Claire have been transformational.  I wish I had discovered this years ago however at times was probably just too busy surviving.  What can be more important in life than paying attention to my own needs?  I am so happy to have found space for this, and me, in my life now.”  Serena

Why join a Wellness Membership?

We all know the benefits of going to the gym frequently.

It goes without saying, consistency is crucial to improvement.

The Curious Club is a place for you to have consistent monthly access to resources to achieve your optimal wellbeing.

All at an affordable price. 

Become a CURIOUS CLUB member and 

Practise regular deep rest for your mind and body.

Build a strong resilience to the comings and goings of life.

Develop self-love, self-kindness and self-compassion.

Energise your whole being whilst cultivating inner peace. 

Understand who you are and what you want & need.


"We can't wait to welcome you into this beautiful space: The Curious Club.  It combines all our loves, passions, years of knowledge and deep learnings through our own journeys. All of which we would love to share with you." Sharyn + Claire xx

Your club hosts (formal bio)

sharyn coleman

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Dr Claire Maguire

Claire was the founder of Raw Horizons Wellbeing Retreats, one of the top UK retreat destinations. Having run over 440 retreats, and a pandemic, the time came to close the doors, for her to focus her passions else where. 

Claire has been featured in many magazines, newspapers and radio, published her own recipe book and runs a private coaching practice with online courses.

She also set up Raw Horizons Wellbeing Coaching Academy and trains 100s of people to embrace wellbeing coaching as a career. 

As well as a wellbeing coach, Claire is a trained Kundalini and Yin yoga teacher and certified breathwork facilitator. She is a passionate advocate for self-development, is even more passionate about the power of the breath and is a curious soul forever learning. 

Like most, she has walked through many trials and tribulations that life loves to throw our way! She uses these as a spring board to deepen her own practises and to teach from the path of the twin trail.



Mondays: no classes

Tuesdays: Themed Breathwork at 7pm (every other week) for 45-60 minutes

Wednesday: Be with the Breath at 6pm for 30 minutes

Thursday: Yoga at 8am for 45 minutes, 

Friday : Take a Break Meditation at 1.30pm for 15 minutes

Saturday: Wellbeing workshop (first of every month)

Note: days and times are subject to change.   


That's not a problem as all sessions are recorded and are available in the library for you to partake in at a time which is convenient for you. 

The Curious Club is there to work with you and your schedule.

The membership is also available as a very convenient, intuitive and user-friendly iOS app (with Android on the way). Download from the App Store, log in and grab a moment in The Curious Club.


The  membership is a rolling monthly commitment until such time that you decide to cancel.

You can cancel easily with no questions asked and you will have access until your month finishes. 

There are no refunds available once you have committed to the month or the year. 


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