with Dr Claire Maguire + Sharyn Coleman

Workshops, Breathwork, Astrology, Meditations & Kundalini Yoga to balance a stressed out nervous system, to energise your life and embrace the joy of mental wellness by living in the present moment. 

step into a new way of feeling...

Inside The Curious Club


Let me ask you... are you?
  • An over-giver, an over-pleaser, an over-doer for others and neglect yourself in the process?

  • Mentally and/or physically exhausted?

  • Stressed, anxious, fearful, sad, lonely and/or worry too much?

  • Full of self-doubt and guilt?

  • Feeling like your past is affecting your future and stopping you from living in the now?

  • Yearning for more energy, more inspiration, more from yourself and your body?

  • Ready to discover the joy of your brilliant self?

    If you identified with any of the above, then I want to invite you to join a beautiful space, called

    The Curious Club 

    curious (adjective): eager to learn, to know; unusual and interesting

    Hi, I'm Claire and curiosity is one of my personal values, it drives me to explore possibilities, techniques, adventures and to find modalities for how to feel better & healthier. 

    Pleasure is another of my personal values and that drives me to find ways to enjoy the beauty of life, to become present to the moment and adopt wellbeing practices which make me feel good & happy. 

    Combining those two values is at the core of my vision of The Curious Club, a place to embody a healthier &  happier lifestyle. 

    I am by no means a finished artefact, a guru, a polished, idealised version of a person... I am real, with real issues, challenges and right now staring menopause, empty nest and ageing in the face :)... so I am always learning. I have also overcome many challenges... I used to joke the world threw me many obstacles... cancer, bereavement, divorce, an ill child, toxic relationships, loneliness, (the list goes on)...  to make me relatable to others going through similar stuff! 

    But... the reality is many of us face challenges and they can truly throw difficulties at us which manifest out as stress, anxiety, self-doubt, self-criticism, lack of confidence, exhaustion, overwhelm which further manifests out as struggling to take care of our own needs and unsure of who we are.

    However... what if?

    We paused for a moment and gave ourselves the joy of being curious.

    Curious about doing things a little differently.

    The Curious CLUB


    To feel healthier, inspired, energised, happier and connected using breath, meditation, kundalini yoga, astrology and workshops.

    The Power of Breathwork

    I am huge advocate of using the breath and as a Breathwork facilitator, I guide you to use the breath to function better, to let go, to be present, to deal with the everyday, to understand who you are and what makes you tick... which is why breath is a fundamental part of The Curious Club.  

    By engaging your breath consciously it will help you transform your subconscious behavioural patterns, clear trapped emotions, and take you to a deeper level to process past events, traumas & stories. As you let go you are filled with more peace & improve your health on all levels.

    The breath allows us to deal with the ups and downs of life, in an effective and easily accessible way. 

    The Energy of Kundalini 

    I have been a student of kundalini yoga for the last 17 years and a teacher for 10, it has been instrumental in transforming my life, in maintaining focus and feeling blissful. I love the power the kundalini energy has within our bodies and to feel the sensation of it within and around us. 

    This is what I teach, for you to get into a bliss state through the understanding we come to yoga to experience ourselves differently. Yoga helps deal with anxiety, depression & low self esteem. We work with the nervous system to settle it and to create balance.

    I teach in a gentle, inclusive way free of any dogma. All abilities welcome.

    The awareness of meditation

     I am a firm believer in the ability meditation has in bringing more ease into our life. It is easy to get caught up in our mind, the what ifs, if onlys, the busyness we are often surrounded by and with only a few minutes meditation we can press pause. Re-evaluate. Ground. Feel different. 

    As a meditation practitioner, I know there are many ways to meditate and in only 15 minutes we can bring our awareness to a particular technique and feel into the difference it brings. Meditation is a skill we practise, to develop our presence, awareness and to find a still point in the day. 

    Meditation gives you the moment to better understand yourself and your relationship to who you are and are becoming. 

    The Discovery of Self workshops

    I have been leading wellbeing workshops for over a decade with many 1000s of people, and it has been a privilege to see the breakthroughs which arise when a question has been asked to provoke a different way of looking at the way we do life, the way we think of ourself and the confidence which arises when we believe we can create change and discover who we wish to be.

    We can make our future brighter than our past, we can go for what we want, we can be kinder to ourselves, to have more energy, to have inspired choices, to create more fun and elevate our standards.

    Coaching lets you move forward and live with pleasure & intention. 

    embody change...

    through the small actions you choose 

    Running as an online 'rolling programme' of classes & workshops which gently allow you to embody the change you need within your life, body and the relationship you have with yourself. 

    Each month we start with an intention, a theme and an objective for the outcome we will work on throughout our time together.  Implementing small changes to reimagine what's possible, to create who you wish to be and to celebrate along the way.  

    Over the course of our time together, within The Curious Club, you can start to let go of old habits, thoughts & behaviours to become the better version of yourself. The happier, healthier version of you. 

    What People Say...

    Claire is a gifted facilitator with an amazing ability to make you feel seen and heard. Her kind, gentle and attentive approach is exactly what I needed. Please attend a session with her, it is really amazing!

    “The self care and self love wellbeing sessions with Claire have been transformational.  I wish I had discovered this years ago however at times was probably just too busy surviving.  What can be more important in life than paying attention to my own needs?  I am so happy to have found space for this, and me, in my life now.”
    Claire is an extraordinary facilitator - very professional but also very compassionate, very wise but with a huge heart. If you are able to breathe with her, then take the chance because you are not going to be disappointed. 
    I was reading about the Japanese art of Kintsugi - when a piece of pottery gets shattered, then glued back together with lacquer infused with gold or silver, so that the repaired/healed vessel becomes even stronger and more beautiful than it was before being broken. There are so many ways of being broken in life. The Curious Club, self love, self care, self compassion have been a Kintsugi opportunity - a bit like a repair kit making me stronger and more beautiful.
    sneak peek

    behind the scenes


    The Curious Club Membership 

    (All delivered on-line for your convenience) 


    • The Embodiment Classes

      Consistent wellbeing practises regulate our nervous system, create a strong mind and a body we trust in, which cultivates an ability to deal with the ups and downs of life in a state of calm.


      • Yoga (mainly an inclusive form of kundalini) - this is accessible for all abilities and can be modified to meet your needs. There is something magical in this form of yoga, which connects you to the energy within you and allows you to feel more bliss, joy and expansion.

      • Meditation - to become more present to your body, your mind and your surroundings. 

      • Breath sequences - a time to explore possibilities with the breath, to feel different and to understand the power of our breath to health.


      • Transformational Breathwork Journeys - a powerful therapeutic tool which can open doorways to profound healing and clarity of mind. A safe way to work through layers of our past and to move forward with integrity. 

    • Wellbeing Workshops for Self-Mastery

      A monthly workshop on a different topic each month. We dive deep into a theme and with powerful ideas and questions you get a greater understanding of yourself and your needs and how to apply learnt knowledge into your everyday, Topics will include romanticising your life; exquisite self care & the inner critic; the path of shame & courage; our gut, food & mood; managing emotions as you step into your future self; overcoming stress; the perfectionist and the procrastinator; creating sticky habits; authentic goal setting, establishing healthy boundaries and more.

    • Library - INSTANT ACCESS to an ever growing collection

      All classes are recorded and kept in a library space which are readily available to use at a time convenient to you.

      Note: any shares we have over Zoom before or after class teaching will not be recorded ensuring there is a private space for you and your fellow Curious Club members. 

    • The Curious Lifestyle

      I believe we all need to focus a little bit more on pleasure and a little less on the pain of worry, frustrations, stress and that which gets us down.

      This will be a curated part of the membership, a self-styled 'magazine' of articles, musings, ideas, thoughts, actions, books to read and whatever else seems appropriate for our inquisitive journey of self-growth.

    • The Community 

      What makes the difference is community.

      It is hard to go it alone and change and transformation are so much more fun with support and encouragement which is why community is central to The Curious Club. 

      This is a private space within The Curious Club off social media where you can share experiences, reach out for support and connect with those with similar interests. 

      why join a wellness membership?

      We all know the benefits of going to the gym frequently...

      It goes without saying, consistency is crucial to improvement.

      The Curious Club is a place for you to have consistent monthly access to resources to achieve your optimal wellbeing, all at an affordable price. 

      Become a Curious Club Member and

      • Practise regular deep rest for your mind and body.

      • Build a strong resilience to the comings and goings of life.

      • Develop self-love, self-kindness and self-compassion.

      • Energise your whole being whilst cultivating inner peace. 

      • Understand who you are and what you want & need.

      The Curious Club



      (2 months free)

      SIGN ME UP

      The Curious CLUB

      "I can't wait to welcome you into this beautiful space: The Curious Club.  It combines all my loves, passions, years of knowledge and deep learnings through my own journey. All of which I would love to share with you." Claire x

      Meet Your Club Host:

      Dr Claire Maguire 

      Claire is well versed in the dynamic of creating a beautiful space where she gently guides people with a fun and playful manner to make changes in their lives. 

      Claire was the founder of Raw Horizons Wellbeing Retreats, one of the top UK retreat destinations. Having run over 440 retreats, and a pandemic, the time came to close the doors, for her to focus her passions else where. 

      Claire has been featured in many magazines, newspapers and radio, published her own recipe book and runs a private coaching practice with online courses. She also set up Raw Horizons Wellbeing Coaching Academy and trains 100s of people to embrace wellbeing coaching as a career. 

      As well as a wellbeing coach, Claire is a trained Kundalini and Yin yoga teacher and certified breathwork facilitator. She is a passionate advocate for self-development, is even more passionate about the power of the breath and is a curious soul forever learning. 

      Like most, she has walked through many trials and tribulations that life loves to throw our way! She uses these as a spring board to deepen her own practises and to teach from the path of the twin trail.


      When are the Zoom classes? 

      Mondays: no classes

      Tuesdays: Themed Breathwork at 7pm (every other week) for 45-60 minutes

      Wednesday: Be with the Breath at 6pm for 30 minutes

      Thursday: Yoga at 8am for 45 minutes, 

      Friday : Take a Break Meditation at 1.30pm for 15 minutes

      Saturday: Wellbeing workshop (first of every month)

      Note: days and times are subject to change.   

      What if I can't make a class?

      That's not a problem as all sessions are recorded and are available in the library for you to partake in at a time which is convenient for you. 

      The Curious Club is there to work with you and your schedule.

      The membership is also available as a very convenient, intuitive and user-friendly iOS app (with Android on the way). Download from the App Store, log in and grab a moment in The Curious Club.

      What is the membership commitment?

      The  membership is a rolling monthly commitment until such time that you decide to cancel.

      You can cancel easily with no questions asked and you will have access until your month finishes. 

      There are no refunds available once you have committed to the month or the year. 

      Got a question? 

      Please fill out the form

      And give up to 48 hours for a response :) 
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