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Join a community of like minded curious souls who show up and embody what it means to live a rich life full of self-care, wellbeing + learning.

Monthly themes

Each month there is an intentional focus upon a theme to get curious about who you are and who you are becoming, as the guided experiences weave to help you change your emotions, your habits, attitudes and your environment.

Explore the themes...

support + community

You show up unapologetically as yourself and have the opportunity to share after a live class, to comment in posts, to write your own posts, to connect with like-minded people. There is no 'right' way to be or to do in The Curious Club, only an intent to show up in a way that honours your personal journey.  

nurturing classes 

Workshops, breathwork, meditation, kundalini yoga are offered live or in the ever expanding library for you to dip into as you need. Open to beginners to expert, the classes embody your learning and nourish your mind, body and spirit. 

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The next version of YOU is?

Often we can get in our own way, we prioritise others, have a lack of time, commitments and demands of others take their toll. We can feel stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, unsure and stuck. 

The thought of committing to yourself, can feel like an added burden.

Please believe me, when I say I get it... however

As humans we are constantly evolving. This can be a good thing! For if we get curious about our evolution, we find ways to honour who we want to become and not be pulled into becoming what others or your own unrealistic expectations want.

How can you embrace the magnificence of who you are?

Gently Showing Up for Yourself

The Curious Club is an online place which celebrates self-compassion and the space to inspire you to create your own reality, without any added burden to your day to day living.

With expertly curated workshops and classes, designed to reflect all aspects of you:

Your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual body... 

All you need to do is ignite the spark of curiosity, courageously make a commitment to your own personal growth and explore what is possible.

By gently showing up, we subtly change.

focus + small actions = fulfilment + empowerment

your Year of Monthly Themes

AWARENESS: To change we need to be aware of what we do, who we are and how we interact in our environment. From this understanding and acceptance, we can breakthrough our limitations.

PRESENCE: It is only in the moment change occurs, learn how to be fully present to your circumstances & what you are feeling and how to manage your nervous system.

BOUNDARIES: What is and isn't acceptable to you, can you communicate that to others and honour your own personal boundaries? 

CLEANSING: Let's lighten the load and examine what we are holding on to with the external clutter and the internal nourishment to thrive.

SENSUALITY: Let us evoke all our senses, create beauty and luxuriate in the essence of who we are as we enjoy pleasure, healthy indulgence and self-love.

CONNECTION: Through connecting to your heart, you understand more of what you value + what is important for you to feel a sense of belonging to yourself and to relate to others with greater ease.

PLAYFULNESS: How can we bring more fun into our lives? To honour the importance of play, to be more child-like, inquisitive, to explore nature and express our creativity.

CONFIDENCE: Be wildly, fully trusting of who you are and are becoming. Take bold actions, do new things + experience the unexpected.

ENERGY: By understanding our rhythms, cycles and nature so we can know when to rest and when to go for it. It is only when we honour what drains or expands us can we tap into our energy supply. 

INTUITION: Open up to your inner knowing, your gut instinct, your perception and deepen your own wisdom as you make decisions and choices which align with you.

PURPOSE: It is our higher spiritual self which seeks purpose and our happiness is often reflected when we live a purposeful life. Let us explore and do so with passion.

REFLECTION: We learn from our experiences and there is a depth of knowledge to be mined from your year. 

embody change with practice

wellbeing workshops

I use coaching within these workshops, to set the theme & focus for the month. It is an opportunity for you contemplate, journal, work through questions... to look at a different way of behaving, of your habits, patterns, your internal dialogue, self-care and emotional wellbeing.

The workshops allow you to understand yourself at a deeper level and gain the belief in change as you evolve into who you want to be.

Coaching moves you forward to make your future brighter than your past, to go for what you want, to be kinder to yourself, to have more energy, to make inspired choices, to create more fun, elevate your standards and live with more happiness, health & intention. 


I guide you to use the breath to function better, to let go, to be present, to deal with the everyday, to understand who you are and what makes you tick... which is why breath is a fundamental part of The Curious Club.  

By engaging your breath consciously it will help you transform your subconscious behavioural patterns, clear trapped emotions, and take you to a deeper level to process past events, traumas & stories. As you let go you are filled with more peace & improve your health on all levels.

The breath allows us to deal with the ups and downs of life, in an effective and easily accessible way. It gives us a practical tool which we have constantly available to help with our wellbeing.


 I am a firm believer in the ability meditation has in bringing more ease into our life. It is easy to get caught up in our mind, the what ifs, if onlys, the busyness we are often surrounded by and with only a few minutes meditation we can press pause. Re-evaluate. Ground. Feel different. 

As a meditation practitioner, I know there are many ways to meditate and in only a few minutes we can bring our awareness to a particular technique and feel into the difference it brings. Meditation is a skill we practise, to develop our presence, awareness and to find a still point in the day. 

Meditation gives you the moment to better understand yourself and your relationship to who you are and are becoming. 

kundalini yoga

This is not a yoga to look good, to be bendy, to even get better at (at times it can be rather silly) but it is a yoga to deepen your connection to self. 

Kundalini energy has a power within our bodies and I ask you to feel the sensation of it within and around you. It is expansive and blissful.

Yoga helps deal with anxiety, depression & low self esteem. We work with the nervous system to settle it and create awareness (kundalini is the yoga of awareness) of self, of your energy, of using that energy to move blocks within your body and to gain a new perception. 

I teach in a soft, gentle way without any dogma, and no expectations of a right way to do it. All abilities welcome. 

embrace lasting change through consistent momentum 

What's Included:

  • An online platform with event listing, RSVP invites, email reminders.

  • Community, connection and support through posting via the online platform or turning up live to a class and interacting. Note all shares are not recorded for privacy and ensuring confidentiality.

  • Also available as an app (iOS and android) for easy and convenient access.

  • All live classes and workshops and an ever increasing library of classes to partake in on demand.

  • Gentle guidance on ways to enhance your wellbeing.

The wellbeing sessions with Claire have been transformational.  I wish I had discovered this years ago however at times was probably just too busy surviving.  What can be more important in life than paying attention to my own needs?  I am so happy to have found space for this, and me, in my life now.
There are so many ways of being broken in life. The Curious Club, self love, self care, self compassion have been a Kintsugi opportunity - a bit like a repair kit making me stronger and more beautiful.
Claire is a gifted facilitator with an amazing ability to make you feel seen and heard. Her kind, gentle and attentive approach is exactly what I needed. 

Meet Your Club host

Hi, I'm Claire, your host for The Curious Club. I am by no means a finished article, perfect guru or got it all together. I think this is important to know as the wellness world is full of if you do this you could be like me! My intention is not for you to be me but for you to embrace yourself, and work with what you want and who you want to be. 

I am a middle-aged, (which I find hard to believe) Gen-X (so refuse to grow up) woman who carries too much weight (blaming menopause) and loves the finer things in life (although you can also find me slobbing out). I am nerdy, feisty, shy, fun, introverted, extroverted, into science and the esoteric... I am a paradox and I love that. 

I set up The Curious Club to support our wellbeing as we live our everyday lives. I do have many years of experience, having been in this industry for over a decade, working with 1000s of people, running over 400 wellbeing retreats and I now train people to be wellbeing coaches at Raw Horizons Wellbeing Academy

Professionally I am a wellbeing coach, kundalini yoga + meditation teacher, a breathwork facilitator + teacher with a doctorate in Biochemistry. I am also a mum to 2 wonderful adult daughters and Bella (my dog) who features in many of the yoga videos. 

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and deep learnings through my own journey.
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Mondays: no classes

Tuesdays: Themed CCB Breathwork at 7pm (every other week) for 45-60 minutes

Wednesday: Breath Health at 6pm for 30 minutes

Thursday: Yoga at 8am for 45 minutes, 

Friday : Meditation at 1.30pm for 15 minutes

Saturday: Wellbeing Workshop (first of every month)

Note: days and times are subject to change.   


That's not a problem as all sessions are recorded and are available in the library for you to partake in at a time which is convenient for you. 

The Curious Club is there to work with you and your schedule.

The membership is also available as a very convenient, intuitive and user-friendly iOS and Android app.

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There are no refunds available once you have committed to the month or the year. 


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